About Us

The Owner
My name is Rose! Just your average authentic flower on a mission to empower and encourage every individuals that I come in contact with. With a background in Fashion Design, Production, Styling, and Merchandising along with my own personal journey with my Faith, I strive to invite you along the journey to live your best and most authentic self through the influence of apparel. I live by the mindset that it is not the dress or suit that makes the person, but it is the person and how they carry themselves that makes the dress or suit stand out from the rest. 

Behind the Brand 

Makli Brand is a diversified fashion brand that is on a mission to utilize fashion to impact, encourage and empower individuals to be their unique selves in the midst of them fulfilling their purpose.

The meaning behind 'Mak-li' is 'His or Her mark' translated from Haitian Creole-inspired by the scripture, Genesis 1:26-27. Being a native Haitian, I also wanted something that would include my Haitian roots integrated into the business. I believe in incorporating culture into our daily lives; after all, it is what helps shape and mold our uniqueness. 

Makli Brand provide Wardrobe Styling services and Apparel products that focuses on empowerment and conversation starters. 

Now that you know a little about Makli Brand, share a bit of you are with us!