About Us

Behind the Brand:

My name is Rose Chery and I am a firm believer in all things creative and authenticity, which you will see translated in the products and services Makli Brand provide every client. 

During the 5th grade, I remembered watching a fashion show on TV, that would forever change the trajectory of what I wanted to become (career-wise). After watching that fashion show, I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a designer that would make a positive impact on the world.

After fashion school, I fell in love even more with how an individual can take a yard of fabric and transform it into a beautiful product, this fascination still leaves me in awe to this day. Though the seed of my love for fashion was planted in 5th grade, in 2010, Makli Brand blossomed into a business. It's a brand that I strive to not just focus on the products that we provide, but how it makes each client feel. The meaning behind 'Mak-li' is 'His or Her mark' translated from Haitian Creole-inspired by the scripture, Genesis 1:26-27. Being a native (Nef Natal) Haitian, I wanted something that would integrate my Haitian roots into the business. I'm a strong believer in incorporating culture into our daily lives; after all, it is what helps shape and mold our uniqueness.

Makli Brand is currently a fashion brand that provides Handmade Handbags, Accessories, and Unisex Graphic T-shirts. We also provide Alteration & Custom Design Services (upon request).